Thursday, 27 November 2014

Warning....Don't hire a personal trainer, join a gym or go on a detox until you've read this....

"These incredible fat loss results are not for everyone!"

This is how Men and Women in South West London are getting their bodies back...

Feeling like a lump of lard is not just looking in the mirror an feeling sorry for yourself- it's about you not being able to keep up with your kids on sports day, not being able to get through the day without reaching for 3 cups of coffee and feeling like you are physically broken.

Loads of people just like you wanting to drop a clothes size in SW London have tried the slimming clubs, fad diets and joining a gym. But despite your efforts, and throwing your money away and sort of trying, you still see yourself as a failure when you look at yourself in the mirror.

So are you destined to keep dieting and struggling to fit into your new wardrobe?

Well it doesn't have to be like this!!!

Come Join our....

Total Body Breakthroughs Program

  • Are you fed up of feeling like a lump of lard?
  • Struggling to keep up with your kids on sports day?
  • Do you want to feel fitter and physically stronger than ever before?
  • No more calorie counting, dieting or fasting.
This is the ultimate programme for men and women who are physically broken and want to enjoy the buzz of exercising again without feeling like there's no hope!!!

"I did some training with Jamie for a month to kick start my fitness and re-build my core strength following pregnancy and a c- section. Jamie's knowledge is broad and and the sessions were fun and motivating. He introduced me to Total Bodybreakthroughs Program and Kettlebells which I loved! After each session I felt energised and inspired.
Thank You!"

Anna Hemmings, MBE , 6 x World Champion and 2 x Olympian

Here's how you finally get your body back again....

  • Surround yourself with like- minded people which will hep keep you focussed
  • Unlimited training each month
  • FREE Nutrition Support, recipes and fat loss tips.
  • Train with Jamie Lloyd British Kettlebell Champion and who's a multi- award winning fitness expert who has over 13 years of experience.
  • Train using Kettlebells and your own bodyweight and using cutting edge training techniques.

Mon, Weds and Fri 06:15am-7am/ 09:45am

Mon and Weds Eve 19:30pm

Saturday 09:30am


All sessions are held at The Skylark Cafe in the great outdoors on Wandsworth Common

Investment: £120

You can train as often as you like at anytime.

If you don't drop a clothing size within 28 days we will refund you!!!

for a FREE trial today!

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