Thursday, 5 January 2017

7 Things You Didn't Know About Hemp....By Jamie Lloyd

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemp by Jamie Lloyd

1.      It’s Healthier Than Vegetable Oil

Hemp Oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a nutritious unsaturated fatty acid, which is also found in breast milk. Here’s the nutritional breakdown of the lovely seed….

FACT: The oil in the Hemp seed makes up 50% of the weight of the seeds and contains 75% essential fatty acids...


Good Hemp Oil is pure, 100% natural cold pressed British hemp seed.

  • It's Richer in Omega 3, 6, & 9 than any other culinary oil. 

  • Half the saturated fat of olive oil with ZERO trans fats

 • Tasty and & versatile -  dressing, dipping and cooking

  • Hemp seed oil in particular is high in OMEGA 3 & 6 

   • Omega’s are essential for health at all ages

    • Good Hemp Oil contains all essential Amino Acids that our bodies need and can only obtain from food

    • The Omega 3 contained in Hemp seed is unique. It is the only vegetarian and vegan food that contains a potent form of OMEGA 3 (SDA). 

Don't forget hemp is a great superfood – and it's highly nutritious! 

So go buy Hemp from now on and you must try Good Hemp Oil. It’s great on salads, stir frys or even use it to cook scrambled egg!

2.      Hemp Protein Is Better For You

Most people don’t bother to read the label when they buy their protein supplement. Just cos you bought it from a health food shop doesn’t mean to say it’s good for you!

Trying to digest protein on its own can be hard to digest for some people, and some get stomach cramps and you might not be getting the full benefit of the protein if your body lacks the necessary enzymes to break down the protein into usable glycogen for your muscles. So always take a decent digestive enzyme and a probiotic too- particularly if you ae a meat eater!

As enzymes play a significant role in helping us digest and use the food/nutritional supplements we consume.

This is another reason I recommend Good Hemp Protein – in addition to being a premium, all-natural protein as it contains 75% complete protein and there’s no other non-isolate, protein powder on the market that can compare.

Completely plant-based and made from pure hemp seeds, Good Hemp Pure Protein contains all 20 amino acids - including all 9 essential amino acids which our bodies cannot produce themselves - this is an effective way to add high quality protein into your fitness or daily diet. Great for supporting muscle growth and maintenance. Just remember tho – it isn’t how much protein you consume, but how much protein your body can easily digest and utilise.

That’s why digestive enzymes can be an incredibly effective way to maximize the benefits of the protein and other foods/supplements you are consuming.

3.      Hemp Lowers Blood Pressure

Hemp seeds are also hearty, high-fiber foods. I suggest adding hemp protein powder to your morning smoothie to naturally lower blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol and improve triglycerides.

4.      Cleans You Up From The Inside OUT

Yes this little seed can actually help cleanse your colon too! So if you’ve over partied or overindulged this Festive Season, then add some hemp into your diet for a little clean up. Hemp is rich in soluble and unsoluble fiber. Both forms of fiber naturally cleanse the colon, reducing bloating, stomach cramps, constipation and toxins in the body.

5.      Curbs Your Sugar Craving

As Hemp as a high nutrient content, hemp protein powder makes a perfect supplement to curb your sugar cravings and your 11am muffin. Again due to the high fiber content, hemp regulates blood glucose and prevents us from attacking the biscuit tin as it has a healthy dose of dietary fiber. So if you stabilize your blood sugar levels, you tend not fall asleep in front of the TV or the desk at work, and are less likely to be wanting an extra teaspoon of sugar in your coffee.

6.      Boosts Your Immune System

Drinking a daily dose of Hemp Milk can actually boost your immune system.

It’s an excellent substitute to rice, soy or cow’s milk. Use as you would on cereal, in smoothies, or straight from the glass!

7.      Hemp can help Psoriasis

Firstly, I’m not saying Hemp oil can cure psoriasis, but as it contains high levels of Omega 6 then it could help alleviate the symptoms. Omega 3 helps to reduce the inflammation that is associated with psoriasis. The inflammation causes itching, pain, and other problems for the skin, so Omega 3 can help reduce this inflammation. Gamma-linolenic acid is also known to reduce inflammation in the body and so is also helpful in managing your itchiness around psoriasis.

Jamie Lloyd is an award winning Health and Fitness Coach based in SW London. He is available for personal training, nutrition coaching, sports massage and group fitness training.


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